Power Monitoring and Control Management

Power monitoring and control management enables the administrator to integrate UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and PDU (Power Distribution Unit) for control and planning purposes as well as monitor the server's electricity consumption.

Server Technology

Data Center Power Management

As a data center professional, you know that you need to measure and monitor your power usage. It's the first step to knowing what you need to do to improve data center power efficiency and act on your company's green initiatives. As the old saying goes - you can't manage or control what you're not measuring. Monitoring and reporting on data center energy consumption have become expected in today’s energy conscious world and we have the most robust, affordable and comprehensive solution on the market: Sentry Power System. Server Technology's Sentry Power System combines our Intelligent cabinet power distribution units (PDUs) and Sentry Power Manager (SPM) power monitoring software to provide a tightly-integrated system for rack-level data center power distribution and data center power monitoring and management.



Whether customers come to us seeking power protection products for healthcare, DC power systems or uninterruptible power systems (UPS) for the marine industry, Eaton's Powerware line of products provide comprehensive power quality and backup power management solutions around the world. Eaton's Powerware products give customers the confidence that power problems will not disrupt their systems, data and most critical operations. We offer more than 40 years of experience and a continuous stream of innovations for our customers, supported by an in-depth knowledge of customer applications and solutions. Regardless of where our customers live or work, Powerware products are engineered to meet electrical requirements and country-specific

Eaton offers the following products under the Powerware brand:

UPS Products
Surge Protection
Power Distribution
Replacement Batteries
DC Products
Remote Monitoring

Powerware products are country-specific based on electrical requirements and market needs.