Audio Codes

With more and more Service Providers and Enterprises looking to integrate packet-based solutions into their voice networks, AudioCodes’ field-proven Networking VoIP Products allow them to migrate smoothly and quickly to the new voice infrastructure.

AudioCodes' Networking Product line includes CPE & Access Gateways for Voice over Broadband and Enterprise IP Telephony applications; High Availability Media Gateways for the wireline, wireless, broadband access and large enterprise markets; Enterprise Session Border Controllers for interconnecting VoIP networks; High Definition IP Phones for a new dimension of voice call quality and clarity; Mobile VoIP solutions for businesses and residential service providers; Value Added Applications for service providers & SMBs, and EMS (Element Management System) for standards-based management of VoIP networks.

AudioCodes' Enabling Technology product line includes products such as Voice over Packet chip processors and VoIP PCI & cPCI communication Blades . These products are integral for the most advanced and reliable Voice over IP platforms on the market, and have been implemented successfully by leading telecommunications and networking manufacturers worldwide.

Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBC)
Multi-Service Business Gateways
Enterprise Access Media Gateways
Microsoft Unified Communications
Mobile VoIP Solutions
Management Applications
High Availability Media Gateways
IP Phones
Residential Gateways
Call Recording Products
Media Servers
VoIP Processors (Chips)
Media Gateway & Media Processing Blades