Next-generation firewalls enable you to deploy a simplified, high-performance, flexible network security infrastructure. With next-generation firewalls, the classi compromise between performance and security becomes a policy decision, not a product and/or design choice. Meaning that when the compliance picture, threat landscape, application mix, or risk tolerance changes, organizations change policy – not their architecture.

Core Technologies

App - ID
App - ID - Classify all traffic, on all ports, all the time—irrespective of protocol, encryption or evasive tactic.
User - ID
User - ID - Securely enable applications on your network based on users and groups—not just IP addresses.
Content - ID
Content - ID - Real-time content scanning blocks threats, controls web surfing and limits data and file transfers.


Purpose-Built Appliances

Delivered as a purpose-built appliance, every Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall utilizes dedicated, function specific processing that is tightly integrated with a single-pass software engine. This unique combination of hardware and software maximizes network throughput while minimizing latency. Each of the hardware platforms supports the same rich set of next-generation firewall features ensuring consistent operation across the entire line.

PA-5000 Series
PA-4000 Series
PA-2000 Series