Data Protection and Storage Solutions

Backup is important, but restore times are even more important. This point is often overlooked when planning backup to the cloud. When you look at the cloud for backup, you should consider a hybrid approach where backup and restore is performed to onsite disk first, and then critical information can be copied to the cloud for disaster recovery and archiving purposes. This way you get faster backup and restore from local disk, especially important when restoring an entire system. Performing backup and restore directly to and from the cloud can take a very long time depending on the volume of data being protected and the network bandwidth between your data center and cloud storage. So you need to understand that this can affect your backup windows and recovery time objectives.

You need a hybrid data protection solution that:

Provides fast on-premise local backup and recovery.
Enables remote copies of your data off-premise or in the cloud.
Takes advantage of cloud storage for archiving to reduce your storage costs.
Provides agility and flexibility to adjust as your business evolves.

The CA Products provides a comprehensive hybrid data protection solution to protect your data, applications and servers. It uses traditional backup, disk snapshots, replication and high availability to protect your physical and virtual servers locally and in the cloud. You can easily select the right protection for your data to meet your recovery-point and recovery-time service-level agreements (SLAs).

The following types of solutions offered by EITC: